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Return Randy the pig to his owner

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My friend thought she had found a good home for her beloved pig Randy, instead he ended up in a rescue center for abused and neglected farm animals that can’t care for his emotional needs. Now she is doing everything she can to get him back. Tell Longmeadows Rescue Ranch to return Randy to a family that will give him the care he needs.  

Hi, I’m Rebecca Berry and I am trying to help my friend Dawn reunite with her pet Randy. Randy is a mini pig. He was born at Dawn’s loving home. Dawn’s two female pigs have one litter a year. She is not a pet mill. She interviews her prospective owners to be sure they have done their research and know exactly what they are getting into. Last year she sold baby Randy to a family who promised to take care of him and signed a contract stating that they would return him should they not be able to care for him any longer. Yet when the time came, they gave him up to the Humane Society, who in turn turned him over to the rescue center.

Pigs have the intelligence of a three or four-year-old child. Being this intelligent, when they feel stress or loss, they grieve just like you and I. Stress can turn a friendly, loving pet pig into a mean one that is no longer suitable to be a pet. They need social interaction, love, a warm pillow at night and a warm snuggle in the morning.

Randy is currently in a 30-day quarantine at the Longmeadow Ranch before he is able to be adopted. The ranch is a place for rescued horses and livestock, NOT pets. While they are taking care of his physical needs, they are not interacting with him in an effective way to support his emotional needs.

We now have less than 30 days to get him back, before we possibly lose him forever. Saving one pig won't change the world. But the world will surely change for that one pig. Tell Longmeadow to return Randy to someone who can properly care for him. Tell them to return him to Dawn.


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