Long tech,bring back Huawei payment.

Long tech,bring back Huawei payment.

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To whom it may concern,
Many players have been arbitrarily affected by the measures implemented by Rise Of Empires regarding the payment possibilities, they have removed an important tool for many players such as Huawei Pay and its benefits. In the course of the months Long Tech the only thing that has been carrying out are arbitrary measures that affect the development of the game, fair competition and situations such as the current one continue to appear, excluding Huawei Pay as a means of payment that globally unifies the benefits of ROE and the possibility of a balanced development. Many of us have migrated our technology to Huawei equipment for these benefits and today ... this measure affects us considerably.
The internal discontent of the ROE players themselves is such that groups have been started on social networks, the gathering of digital signatures, and possible actions by the players such as negative comments on download channels and social networks to defend ourselves against another measure that affects the experience of game and with the objective that Long Tech reviews and regresses before the implemented measures.
Without more to say.

502 personas firmaron. ¡Ayuda a conseguir 1,000!