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Save the wolves from the endangerment ahead!!!

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Wolf hunting should end here. No man nor woman should attack a wolf unless the wolf attacks them, which is rare since wolves usually only attack if you're in their territory or if you are a threat to them. This is why there are areas throughout the USA and maybe the world that tend to wolves and make them more majestic creatures. But how can we make peace with the wolves when we kill them off just like we killed off the Native American tribes long ago? Do we really wish to endanger the wolves again like we did with the red wolves? Why should we hunt the creatures that could have given us the dogs that we play with and call "man's best friend"? This needs to end here. If people continue to kill wolves, then soon we will only have the reminder of them living. They will only be a legend and the food cycle will change rapidly. More deer will wander the lands. More rabbits and others lower on the food chain will multiply in numbers. Do we want this? Do we wish to be invaded by our mammals? I think not. Stand up to the wolves and show them the love they need today!! For they might not be able to talk, but we can talk for them and show the hunters that this needs to end!

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