Elimination of the Suffolk County Bag Tax

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This is a FEE not a TAX money goes to the stores not the government****

The Suffolk county government under the guise of preventing pollution has implemented a fee on our plastic bag use. For every bag we used we will be charged. Why should hardworking New Yorkers and Long Islanders pay extra for our choice in going out and shopping which helps the local economy. Why should struggling families have to pay extra at the supermarket to line the pockets big business under the guise of helping the environment. Shoppers should be rewarded for their positive choices rathered than be imposed upon by interfering legislation. Sign the petition, keep the government out of our shopping bags! 



Remember New York is one of the most heavily taxed states. The cost of living and state taxes should not be added to by a ridiculous bag fee! 

If you make 80,000-150,000 dollars you’re marginal state tax is already around 6%.

Average Weekly trips to the grocery store can be around TWO a week, this is not including non food material shopping. Considering you can use TEN, FIFTEEN or even TWENTY bags for a food shopping run, you could be loosing up to 100 dollars every year to this fee!

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