Community demands that the International Baccalaureate (IB) Program continue to be a part of Long Beach Jordan High School.

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The following are reasons why the removal of the program and its replacement with the proposed Academic Path to Excellence (APEX) program is a step in the wrong direction:

1. California is headed into the direction of COMMON CORE STANDARDS

  • IB courses teach students how to problem solve, analyze, and think critically, skills that cannot be tested on a bubble-sheet and will be the focus of the new Common Core Standards.

  • APEX will replace IB courses with Advanced Placement (AP) courses—AP is focused more on standardized testing which revolves around students’ ability to recall and regurgitate and use those abilities to complete scantron bubble-sheet exams. Therefore, it will not be aligned with the new standards.


2. Instead of IMPORTING programs such as PACE, we should be EXPORTING and expanding programs like IB

  • IB should be the model for the rest of the district. LBUSD has the reputation of being a trailblazer district. Why would we have Jordan’s “best and brightest” revert back to recall and regurgitate-type learning with APEX, while California is moving forward with the Common Core? With IB, we already have a program that supports Common Core-style learning.

3.  IB is a program with world-renowned prestige.

  • Jordan’s Administration does not MARKET IB—this is why it seems as though IB is not a magnet program—potential students/parents are not hearing about the IB program.

  • The Administration claims that they are “excited about this new program (APEX) and think it is exactly the program which will enhance the reputation of Long Beach Jordan High School.” If they truly want to work towards a better reputation, it makes no sense to take a prestigious and internationally known program out of Jordan and bring in one that will have to build its prestige from the bottom.

4. IB more than qualifies our students for college admission- It goes further and makes our students more attractive than others when placed in a pool of qualified students.

  • Administrators claim the APEX program will qualify students to enter any university in the United States. However, IB already gives our students an upper hand when it comes to university admissions. IB appears in college applications (colleges ask specifically whether students have participated in IB courses), while APEX will not appear in college applications.  

  • A-G requirements are met and exceeded.

  • More credits are earned through the IB program than are necessary to graduate high school.

  5. IB Students have the opportunity to earn BOTH IB and AP credit

  • IB students can take AP exams, whereas, students who take AP courses cannot take IB exams

    • IB students have an advantage over  AP students because the IB students can check off that they have taken both IB and AP exams in college applications.

 6. IB has the Creativity, Action and Service (CAS) component, which already     increases our students’ “Opportunities for High School Life”

  • Administration claims one of the benefits of the APEX program is that it “Requires Jordan’s best to participate in school activities.” However, that is something the IB program already requires of our students. Through the CAS component, students are required to complete creativity, action and service hours, which are fulfilled through their participation in extracurriculars such as school clubs and athletics.

7. Being the only school with an internationally recognized program helps maintain and build student/school pride and morale, which is the correct avenue that should be used to build Jordan’s reputation.

  • It was said that “Jordan wants to attract the best and the brightest”—is the administration trying to imply that the students who are attending Jordan now are not the best and the brightest?

  • It was said that “kids from Belmont Shore, Lakewood, East Side (Naples), and Bixby Knolls are not attending Jordan.” If the intent is to move IB to a school outside of North Long Beach, the pride and morale of our students will be deteriorated. We are already aware of the fact that our students tend to be the most underserved.  

    • If administrators want to attract students from other areas, the answer is to keep IB.We already know the success IB can gather when it is supported by the administration. They claim that APEX will attract students, however, how can they say APEX is a “better and stronger program” if they cannot track the benefits of it yet?

8. We know the success IB can garner when it is supported by the administration.

  • It is evident that there is no support for IB from Jordan’s administration. Our students depend on a stable program, and that is not what they have been receiving. There have been three different IB Coordinators in the last 5 years.

  • One of the rationales for the proposed change is that there have been few IB Diplomas Earned. The amount of diplomas earned depends a lot on the support the students and the program as a whole receive from administration.

9. APEX is not what our parents want.

  • APEX would be robbing the IB parents’ children from the IB education they wanted (especially the freshmen and sophomore classes).

*If you would like to further support this cause, you can attend the Board Meeting Tuesday, February 4th at 5 p.m. in the Long Beach Unified School District Administration Building, 1515 Hughes Way, Long Beach. You can also contact Jordan’s Board representative, Mary Stanton, Phone: (562) 997-8240, and/or the LBUSD Superintendent of Schools, Mr. Christopher Steinhauser, Phone: (562) 997-8242.




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