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London Underground Limited: Stop the closure of Whitechapel ticket office

With Crossrail coming to London, Whitechapel Underground station is undergoing a huge refurbishment, which will see the station serving thousands more customers each year. However, London Underground have announced their plan that the completed station will be without a ticket office. This is a blatant backtrack on Mayor Boris Johnson's promise of no ticket office closures. It will mean an unacceptable service for thousands of customers using the station, many of whom are from diverse backgrounds and cultures, as well as customers with physical and non-visible disabilities, who rely on the service of a staffed ticket office. If London Underground are allowed to get away with closing the ticket office at Whitechapel, it will only be a matter of time before more ticket offices across the Tube network are closed. This will only result in thousands of fare-paying customers receiving an unacceptable level of service. Sign this petition to tell London Underground that ticket office closures are unacceptable and the public deserves this service.

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