Bring all staff at LSBU 'in house' on equal terms and conditions

Bring all staff at LSBU 'in house' on equal terms and conditions

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London South Bank University UNISON started this petition to London South Bank University and

Please sign the petition to support us, the cleaners, caterers, security guards and receptionists at London South Bank University, in our demand to be brought ‘in house’ and to become directly employed staff of LSBU.

We are the cleaning, catering, security and reception staff working at London South Bank University. We do essential work at LSBU and without our vital contribution, the University simply wouldn’t function. But despite all that we give to LSBU, we receive far worse terms and conditions than staff who are directly employed by the University.

This is because LSBU chooses to ‘outsource’ services like cleaning, catering, security and reception. This means that LSBU makes the decision to pay private contractors to provide these services, and those of us who do this vital work are the employees of these companies – currently CIS, Churchill and Elior – and not of LSBU.

We think it’s time that everybody who works at LSBU also works for LSBU, and on equal terms and conditions.

What are we asking for?

  • Equal sick pay. Today, LSBU staff receive up to one year of occupational sick pay, while many of us receive only statutory sick pay, which is capped at £94.25 per week, and we receive nothing for the first three days of sickness.
  • Equal holiday entitlements. LSBU staff receive 37.5 days holiday plus long service leave, but cleaners, caterers, security guards and receptionists only get the statutory minimum of 28 days. We have to take the Christmas closure out of our holiday entitlement, or we aren’t paid when the University is closed.
  • Equal maternity leave. LSBU staff receive 20 weeks of full pay plus 19 weeks of statutory maternity pay. Most of us receive only 6 weeks of pay at 90% of our earnings and then 33 weeks of statutory maternity pay at less than £150 per week.
  • London Weighting. LSBU staff receive London Weighting to help with the high cost of living in London. As of 1st August 2019, this amounts to £4,510 per year. Cleaners, caterers, security guards and receptionists do not receive London Weighting, and most of us in all our years of working at LSBU have never had a pay increase beyond the London Living Wage uplift – and that is only because UNISON fought for and won this concession.
  • And much more. We are calling to be brought ‘in house’ on full contractual parity with current LSBU support staff.

Don’t we deserve the same benefits as our directly employed colleagues? We also get sick, need holidays and need time off to look after our children. Many of us have worked at LSBU for years, even decades.

Following successful UNISON campaigns, SOAS, LSE, Kings College London, Birkbeck and Goldsmiths have all been bringing services back in house. Major campaigns to win equality and bring outsourced workers in house are currently being waged at UCL, University of the Arts London and at City, University of London. If other universities can do it, so can LSBU.

In its mission statement, LSBU says that it wants to be recognised as a ‘university that addresses real world challenges.’ Poverty and inequality are real world challenges, but through its decision to outsource services, LSBU is perpetuating rather than addressing these injustices. LSBU pays the Vice Chancellor nearly £300,000 in pay, pensions and benefits and provided him with a £350,000 interest-free loan to purchase property in London. Between them, the top nine earners at LSBU received over £1.2 million in pay and benefits in 2018/19. By contrast, we have had colleagues arrive at work to clean the University after spending the night in homeless shelters because they cannot afford rent increases and have been evicted from their homes.

We are calling on LSBU to become the University that it says it wants to be, and to support our call to be brought in house on equal contractual terms and conditions to current LSBU support staff.

Join our call for justice, equality and for everyone working at LSBU to be treated fairly! Please sign the petition to bring cleaning, catering, security and reception services at LSBU back ‘in house’!

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