Petition Against Large Residential Development in Meadowlily

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Woodlands Not Development:

High Density Condos at Meadowlily Woods ESA


A development company from the London area has proposed building a large condominium development on property immediately adjacent to the environmentally significant area known as Meadowlily Woods.  This is an inappropriate use of this land. The Thames River system has been the focus of public debate in the city of London and is increasingly recognized as an under-valued asset that has been seriously degraded by inappropriate development such as the proposed concrete and asphalt development project. There is a creek in this area that goes into the Thames River in our area. We oppose this proposal because it seriously threatens the special place that is Meadowlily Woods.  Meadowlily Woods is a riverside natural area and what affects the Environmentally Significant Area will affect the Thames River.  This proposal continues a pattern of development in London that is damaging to communities, wildlife, birds, natural systems and the livability of the city as a whole.