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Stop the new ultra low emissions tax in London for Diesel cars and vans

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We have all been duped into buying Diesel vehicles for years and many of us drive a Diesel vehicle due to that, we are angry about the new Ultra Low Emission Zone being introduced by the mayor of London Mr Sadiq Kahn which will discriminate against Diesel cars and vans by needing a euro 6, which is 2016 and newer, we believe we should be treated like petrol vehicle owners by only needing a euro 4 which is 2005 and newer, and as the ultra low emission zone will be expanding in two years time to include everything within the north circular this is not feasible. We demand the rules to change to allow euro 4 Diesel cars and vans and not descriminate against many low end earners and hard working entrepreneurs who can’t afford a three year old car or to replace their vans.

A little excerise for anyone is to have a look around and count the amount of diesel vans that will have to be replaced, it is an astronomical amount of vehicles, anything older than a 2016 van and diesel car will need to be replaced, has there been a study to check on the impact that the environment will have to take with creating so many new vehicles, I doubt that, it is all a money spin unfortunately.

And to Mr Sadiq Kahn, if you really care about emissions, why are Black Cabs exempt from the ULEZ rules, you can’t have one rule for some and another rule for others.