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Ban Halal Food Festival from taking place at London Excel.

The ritual slaughter of all halal meat is extremly cruel to the animals they kill, it is repugnant and has no place being celebrated in Great Britain. This is a nation of animal lovers, and while most people are yet to understand the suffering caused by such slaughter techniques, the majority of those who do are against it. Banning this celebration of nasty uncivilised cruelty would send out a message to those who practice such butchery here, that we are begining to find out about their cruelty. The publicity of such a ban might also raise awareness among those who didn't realise how many millions of animals are tortured to satisfy the greed of those who insist upon the availability of halal food in the United Kingdom.

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  • London Borough of Newham Council Newham Dockside 1000 Dockside Road London E16 2QU

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