A Low Traffic Neighbourhood for Brixton Hill

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Speeding traffic and high pollution have created an unhealthy and dangerous neighbourhood in Brixton Hill, unwelcoming to pedestrians and children. Main roads designed for through traffic - such as the south circular and A23 Brixton Hill - surround the ward but smaller roads through the ward can be used to short cut between them. 

We are asking Lambeth Council and TfL to make Brixton Hill Ward a Low Traffic Neighbourhood as part of the Brixton Liveable Neighbourhood project. 

This would mean barriers across cut-through roads which would still allow residents cars to get in and out but stop the rat runs. This would cut speeding, pollution, make walking and cycling safe and pleasant, and mean children would be able to play out safely and get around independently.

Research by residents groups and the Womens Equality Party suggest that over 65% of residents would welcome this. With these simple changes the whole ward could be transformed into a safe, pleasant and much-loved neighbourhood.

Find out more and stay in touch at http://www.saferstreetsbrixton.org

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