Stop over-developing Feltham, and start listening

Stop over-developing Feltham, and start listening

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Feltham Residents started this petition to London Borough of Hounslow and

Hounslow Council is planning excessive development of flats in Feltham. These are:

  1. Too Tall
  2. Too Many
  3. It is not listening

This needs to change 


  • Hounslow Council designated Feltham as a ‘Housing Zone’ and ‘Opportunity Area’ with no real local consultation.
  • The Council’s planning strategies (the ‘Feltham Masterplan’ and ‘West of the Borough Plan’) have ignored residents’ feedback.
  • Large numbers of flats are planned, including on a number of community buildings, and many people’s home risk being massively overshadowed – particularly the Showpeople, which goes against previous promises.
  • Local people were so incensed by the inclusion of the Showpeople’s site on New Road in the ‘Feltham Masterplan’ that they campaigned against it. The Council assured everyone that it had been removed
  • The Council has spent massive amounts on closing Feltham level crossing and widening Feltham bridge – apart from the actual bridge. The project was spectacularly mismanaged.

The current threat

  • Now, a developer (EcoWorld) has announced plans for a 14 storey tower block on Council land in New Road (opposite Feltham Station), which was previously open space/allotments. The Council had previously committed at the planning hearing to return this New Road land to open space (it was being used as a temporary site office for the overrunning bridge works), but subsequently changed this designation.
  • The proposed developed is excessively tall – 14 storeys overlooking 1 storey homes in the Showpeople’s site. Many see this as trying to intimidate the Showpeople into selling their land.
  • The site is extremely sensitive next to the Longford River, which has environmental protection. The proposals would build over the existing line of trees and hedgerow that is part of a high quality green network.
  • It risks repeating the failures of the past with tall tower blocks in Feltham

A failure to listen

  • The Council carried out a ‘consultation’ with local people on the New Road development, but 2 months later has submitted essentially the original scheme, despite massive opposition. It has yet to release the outcome of the consultation.
  • There has been a systematic lack of transparency and accountability. When asked at the Area Forum, the Council could provide little information, but subsequently the developer has revealed that they have been talking to the Council for 2 years, and also the Mayor’s office.
  • It appears that local people are put last and are a tick-box exercise – but systematically ignored.
  • The developer refers to the Feltham Masterplan as a ‘direction of travel’ – but this document was never updated to reflect the removal of the Showpeople site. It therefore has no planning authority, and no credibility or legitimacy. Its description is misleading
  • It is also unclear whether such a large development is needed and post-COVID the idea of a 14-storey building with little private outside space needs to be re-thought.

What needs to change

  • To press ahead now is wrong. There needs to be a step back, and consider a more appropriate development for the site that is lower and has less impact on the Showpeople and the riverside habitats.

Please sign this petition if you would want Hounslow Council to think again – stop excessive development and listen to local people.

0 have signed. Let’s get to 1,000!
At 1,000 signatures, this petition is more likely to be featured in recommendations!