Protect our drinking water

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London Borough of Hillingdon have been asked to consent to HS2 Colne Valley Viaduct being built through the water supply zones for our public drinking water. The viaduct will require hundreds of piles to be driven 70 metres deep into the water bearing chalk under the Colne Valley. There are areas of existing pollution like the New Years Green landfill site which risk being spread further into the aquifer and contaminating the entire supply.

At present everyone in Hillingdon and surrounding areas receives tap water purified by the chalk aquifer.

We support LBH refusal to consent to the HS2 viaduct, without sufficient information on the protection of our fresh water sources, closure of Blackford pumping station, plans for addional treatment plants and plans for  replacement water.

In the absence of sufficient information to show No Deterioration in drinking water quality and supply, we ask LBH to support local resident concerns expressed in EU claim CHAP (2019)03209 HS2 EU Water Framework Directive.