Re-instate Live CCTV Monitoring in London Borough of Bexley

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** UPDATE 24.05.18 ** 

Bexley Council have rejected this petition due to a technicality. Please visit and sign up again, lets show them we mean business!



Bexley Council's CCTV service has 225 cameras positioned across the borough and record 24/7 365 days a year.

Up until 2016 these were live monitored by a team of excellent CCTV operatives. They would quickly identify problem hotspots, reporting crime and anti-social behavior to the police, help locate missing elderly/vulnerable people and children and saved countless lives by noticing suicide attempts.

We are all aware that there have been problems relating to anti-social behavior particularly gangs in Bexleyheath and Northumberland Heath, by having these areas monitored any issues could be picked up immediately and referred straight on to the police enabling a quick resolution and ensuring safety of Bexley residents.

Live CCTV is not just about crime prevention - it does more. 

Police budget cuts from Central Government and the Mayor of London (Merging Bexley, Greenwich & Lewisham police forces in to the new Basic Command Unit) means that resources will be stretched even further. They do not have the staff to monitor our borough's CCTV proactively.

While our council cannot control what Central Government or the Mayor of London do, they can take a pro-active approach at crime prevention and reinstate Live CCTV Monitoring across the borough to improve safety and resident confidence.

Reinstating Live CCTV Monitoring will not only help keep the borough safe, but it will also provide jobs for local residents, which in turn could reduce other council spend through local assistance.

Bexley Council currently pay £585,000 a year to maintain these cameras (not live monitored).  It used to cost £225,000 a year to staff the department.

Put the politics aside and Put Bexley First.