No to the culling of urban foxes

No to the culling of urban foxes

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Started by Jayden Hughes

We, the undersigned, call on ALL London borough councils to discredit and completely abandon ANY thoughts or actions regarding implementing mass euthanisation/culling policies put forward on foxes.   

Contrary to one local resident proposed calls to the council to mass cull urban foxes in the London borough areas, there is absolutely no evidence to imply foxes are either a carrier of COVID nor will would they be able to pass it on to humans.  The residents comments are unjust, unfounded, not based upon any scientific facts nor evidence.  

Red foxes benefit to help to control populations of their prey animals. They also  disperse seeds by eating fruit therefore creating new saplings and food supplies.

Please leave nature be, humans are destroying this world and it's animals at an alarming rate. No culling, no euthanisation. 

Foxes are wild animals and the authorities have no right to kill them.

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96,378 have signed. Let’s get to 150,000!