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UK Ban - All Disposable / Single use plastic

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No time to WASTE the FUTURE needs us! 

Lets get London & the UK to the forefront of making a change for the PLANET. We must be an example to other places in the world, as California, France & India have, to name a few!   And now the EU! 

Ban All Disposable / Single use Plastic! There are so many alternatives, from reusable to biodegradable. Let's encourage consumers and companies to think about waste impact! 

Of the 1.5m tonnes of recyclable plastic waste used by consumers, only 500,000 tonnes is recycled

Plastics industry has just lobbied to lower recycling targets! Shocking news! Allowing producers of disposable plastic to do as they please. 


BAN  ALL PLASTIC BAGS & DISPOSABLE single use items.       The number of plastic bags handed out by supermarkets in England in 2014 rose to 7.64 billion - 200 million more than in 2013.  Seven major retailers issued 7.6 billion single-use bags in 2014 but that figure was down to just over a billion in 2017-18, estimates suggest.

National plastic bag usage is on the DECLINE! This is positive! Imagine the IMPACT of the ban - if we start NOW! 

  • It takes 100 years for plastic to breakdown
  • Plastic is petroleum fossil fuel based
  • Plastic is harmful to wildlife & it often ends up in the ocean

Watch 'A Plastic Tide' if you have not already - plastic is strangling our oceans and entering the food chain. You can also join the Greenpeace Plastic Pledge   Also please watch Sir David Attenborough's BBC Blue Planet 2.

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