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Arrest and prosecute Christina Morris for Animal Cruelty

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In April of 2017, two horse rescuers, Jami Taylor and Den Burdette, on two separate dates, reported seeing emaciated horses at a "rescue" facility in London, Arkansas, run by Christina Morris - a convicted felon wanted in Oregon.

A deputy with the Pope County Sheriff's Department said they had received dozens of calls about the facility, including one from Gary Thompson, the property owner who rented the facility to Morris. Thompson reported seeing horse carcasses and sick and starving horses with no access to sun or pastures.

Arkansas animal cruelty investigator, Kelley Scribner, reported observing 23 emaciated horses at the rescue run by Morris and her associates. Documents show Morris' rescue facility lacked evidence of regular feeding and watering of the horses on site. Investigators have multiple criminal complaints and photographic evidence of starved horses. Deputy Billy Gatlin reported one horse died DURING THE INVESTIGATION.

The state livestock agency allowed horses (evidence) to be removed from the facility while the sheriff's department and police chief passed the case back and forth, citing jurisdictional issues. According to Thompson, Morris abandoned the remaining horses at the facility, where the carcasses of at least two starved horses were partially buried. He said she did not pay rent, and she took thousands of dollars' worth of his equipment and horses. She is now running another rescue under the names Saving Ahead of the Kill Buyer and Heartland Angels out of a rented facility near Van Buren, Arkansas. She continues to take in horses and collect donations.

Chief Joann Demmitt and the Pope Co. sheriff's department did not return calls and emails from alleged victims; nor did they respond to Freedom of Information requests for police reports. Many victims were not even allowed to give formal statements. Victims are left in the dark about whether there will be justice for their horses; meanwhile, Morris tells her followers the sheriff cleared her of all charges, mocks and slanders her victims, and continues to reel in new potential victims.

Morris has a string of felony convictions, is wanted on a felony warrant in Oregon, is accused of defrauding victims out of thousands of dollars in multiple states, and left a trail of more than a dozen sick and dying horses; yet she is allowed to continue to move about freely in the community.

Morris' victims deserve swift justice. At the very least, they deserve the courtesy of an explanation as to why Arkansas officials believe dead horses, starving horses, and their own investigator's opinion Morris provided inadequate care, does not warrant investigation.

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