Enforce the No Fireworks Law in Lomita

Enforce the No Fireworks Law in Lomita

January 4, 2021
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Started by Tina Page

Fireworks are illegal in the City of Lomita. Yet year after year, we see an increase in the intensity and regularity of people setting off fireworks within city limits. Now, rather than people breaking the law a few times a year, such as on New Years and 4th of July, these bombs are being set off year round. Yet absolutely no effort on the part of our city or law enforcement is being put into enforcing the law. 

Research clearly shows the toll this constant barrage of explosions has on certain populations within our community. We know that our war veterans suffering from PTSD must relive the terror they experienced while serving our country again and again as the explosion-type sounds rip through our neighborhoods, night after night, each explosion like salt in the wounds of our heroes. 

Mothers with infants and small children must hold them close and comfort their babies who are woken up by the blasts. 

Pet owners are forced to invest money in tranquillizers for their dogs and cats. And those are the lucky ones. Animal shelters report a 30 percent increase in lost animals over the 4th of July weekend every year, and a marked increase in the amount of pets killed by cars as many are so terrified by the sounds of fireworks they tear blindly out of houses and yards and into the street seeking to escape what often sounds like a war zone.

Aside from the deadly toll on companion animals, wildlife suffer immensely. With their more sensitive hearing, fireworks can cause deafness, a death sentence in the wild. Bird will fly blindly trying to escape the noise, and fly into power lines, windows and other buildings. Other mammals will run in panic, often leaving their small babies and are unable to find them again. 

The toll exacted on the most vulnerable in our neighborhoods is not worth the short-lived pleasure incurred by setting off fireworks. This is clear. Yet for years those who feel no responsibility for caring for the communities in which they live make a mockery out of our laws by setting off fireworks all year long because they know nothing will be done. These same people will go so far as to defend their actions by claiming setting off fireworks is their right. 

There are many cities where fireworks are not an issue, where the laws are followed. We ask that the Lomita City Council study what these other cities are doing that works, and follow their example. We request that the Lomita Sheriff's Station respond to fireworks calls, and pursue legal action against those breaking the law. 

Lomita is a wonderful city! We want to keep it that way. When every single day a senior citizen is posting on a community app worried that they are hearing gun shots, it's time to take action to preserve the kind of city we all moved here for. Please join us in demanding action to address the out of control fireworks issue in Lomita. 




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Signatures: 264Next Goal: 500
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