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Rochester, New York.  A German Shepard believed to be named “Princess” continues to endure abuse from her owner.  Below are two videos that prove this helpless animal is suffering.  In the first video, two children open fire at the dog with paintball guns.  Though their father is “washing his car,” the children are never once reprimanded.  The heartbreaking second video shows Princess’s owner not only repeatedly hosing her in the face at close range but beating her with a rake until it breaks, while she cries for mercy. 

Video #1 - German Shepard Abuse (Please watch full video)

Video #2 - German Shepard Abuse  (Please watch full video)

When calling the Humane Society, they stated they needed proof. There are now two videos that prove this man is clearly abusing this dog.  After reviewing the videos, an investigator went to the house.  The man (an employee of the city of Rochester) in the video was arrested last night but has returned home this morning.  Princess is still in his household and is believed to be in danger. 

We are not only petitioning to charge this man but also to have Princess safely removed so she may never again suffer like she has and so she may find her “happy ever after.”

One brave soul posted these horrific videos that have now become viral.  Please sign this petition.  Stand up for those who do not have a voice and for those who are hurting and need a way out.



****UPDATE:  I called the Humane Society of Rochester's Humane Law Enforcement today. The dispacher I spoke to said that there is a case open on the Princess.  Officers went out on Friday, 10/18.  This petition started because they did not remove her.  Because of the evidence and massive amounts of calls coming in from all over the country, they have sent out 2 more officers this morning!  We will keep you all posted!

Letter to
The Humane Society of Greater Rochester Lollypop Farms
Remove "Princess" from abuse and charge her abuser. Countless times abuse on Princess has been called in. There are multiple videos documenting the abuse but still, Princess remains in the hands of her abuser. This simply is not acceptable. Princess needs to be removed from harm so she can have a real shot at life. Please do the right thing and not only remove Princess from abuse but charge her abuser.

Help end abuse. Set an example. Have compassion for life.

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