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Change The Killers and Blink 182 schedule at Lolla (CHI)

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On Friday August 4 (2017) The Killers and Blink 182 are headlining Lollapalooza festival. 

Like many people, we bought tickets to see this 2 bands, since they share a similar fan base, but our dreams to see them both live are shattered since Lollapalooza decided to make them play both at the same time.

Please sign this petition so Lollapalooza organizers change this schedule in order to please their clients who want to see both bands.

Personally it is a great disappointment since I'm traveling for more than 12 hours on a plane, spending A LOT and precious time, just to have my dreams destroyed by the organizers :( I'm sure there are many people like me who wish this could be fixed.

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