Boycott Anime Matsuri LLC

Boycott Anime Matsuri LLC

October 29, 2015
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Anime Matsuri and John and Deneice Leigh who run it have a long history of mistreating guests and their local fan communities.

For years they have sought to control American lolitas, and are now trying to gain influence in international communities as well. Their tactics have included bullying, bribing, and manipulating young women with the intention to incite animosity and promote their own business, the Anime Matsuri convention. They have also mistreated Japanese lolita designers and models who have been invited to their events, such as denying these guests access to food, translators, and guidance in foreign countries. Many lolitas have revealed that John Leigh has harassed them; these allegations include aggressive sexual questions and insults directed at young girls. John and Deneice Leigh use their powers as Japanese Lolita Association (JLA) Kawaii Ambassadors / Managers to influence lolita culture in negative ways, such as fostering jealousy, anger, and fighting among communities.

Journalists investigating the convention have turned up multiple cases of the convention being sued to pay bills, thousands of dollars borrowed from people involved in the convention by the management that was not repaid nor used as specified, including payments to a company providing an industry guest.

The convention has tried to take control of the local lolita fashion group, manipulating and bullying certain leaders of the group to oust others who did not support their take over.

They offered free access to another local convention with the purchase of a ticket to their own event, without that conventions consent.

They prohibited models and JLA Kawaii Ambassadors from attending an unrelated indie event, and scheduled a competing event at the same time to minimize the attendance.

They sold tables to indie lolita designers in their AA, changed the rules to and said they couldn't sell clothing, did not add it in writing in the rules, and initially refused to refund the table costs (well before the convention) until threatened with a paypal claim.

They scheduled an anime voice actor guest to MC their opening and closing ceremony without notifying the guest, or compensating them. When the voice actor left prior to the closing ceremony (unaware they were supposed to be MCing it) they publicly shamed the guest for not being present.

Their actions are damaging to the lolita fashion community, and to the anime, manga and video game community at large, and are an embarrassment to the US lolita fashion, and anime, manga and video game communities.

Poorly organized conventions are one thing, but when conventions begin to harass attendees and guests, fail to provide food and translators/handlers to guests, and don't pay their bills, it becomes a larger problem for the American Japanese pop culture fanbase as a whole.

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This petition had 997 supporters

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