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Chief Election Commissioner      

               “Please consider EVM machines unconstitutional due to lack of transparency to a common voter”. I have seen many videos & read enough articles which have proved to me that the EVM machines can never be 100% tamper proof and hence should be considered as a threat to democracy. A few BJP leaders in the past have objected to the use of EVM’s. Dr. Subramanian Swamy in his article for The Hindu newspaper said “Now several High Courts are hearing PILs on the EVMs. This is good news. I believe the time has arrived for the Supreme Court to transfer these cases to itself, and take a long, hard look at these riggable machines that favour a ruling party that can ensure a pliant Election Commission. Else, elections will soon lose their credibility and the demise of democracy will be near.”

              I do not feel secured casting my vote on a machine which has been banned by many countries purely because EVM’s have never been 100% safe & tamper proof. Even if a paper trail is created physical counting is required hence the machine still is not safe and thus has endangered the very fabric of our democracy. In today’s age even the most secured national security sites are getting hacked putting the fate of the largest democracy in the world on a piece of junk which the developed countries have already thrown away makes us look really DUMB or foolish. This is me telling the world not all of us are dumb or foolish and thus would humbly request the great leaders of the world who have boycotted EVM’s in their countries to please explain the reason to our Indian Prime Minister via correspondence or whenever you meet him.

               Every Indian enjoys this gift of democracy which we have received because of the sacrifices made by many of our ancestors our great freedom fighters. I request you to please ban EVM machines completely. In the past there have been enough instances on social media which has proved EVM unsafe and unconstitutional. If we still ignore this it is as good as denying every Indian her/his constitutional right to vote.

                We Indians select our leaders through voting but if the very tool that captures our vote is not safe how can we be sure that our vote was counted and was not null and void? As of now I am not sure that my vote gets counted and therefore I boycott any kind of elections that are conducted using EVM machines and also blame the Government and the Election Commission of India for failing in their duty to conduct just and fair elections in the country. Right to vote is the most important right given to the citizens of a democracy. I make a humble prayer to you to please grant me my right to VOTE via paper ballot method which is currently being used by other developed countries who have banned EVM.

                 I don’t know how long is this process going to take but I definitely hope that I live to see this happen. I am just another common man but that’s the beauty of democracy every one counts.

Thank you and have a nice day.

Love and Peace.

Ravi Bhilane
Lokanche Dost, Mumbai