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Recall Election for Rachel Notley to be removed as Premier of Alberta


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During an oil Recession, Rachel Notley, the NDP Premier of Alberta has attacked Family run farms with Bill 6, hurting other industries.  Rachel Notley wants to shut down several coal plants in Alberta and make us Albertans, during a bad recession to pay for their new power plants, using the 7% Carbon Tax, about to hit all Albertans January 1st, 2017. 

With the Carbon Tax about to hit Alberta, gasoline for vehicles will go up, the price of groceries will go up, from the extra fuel costs from transporting the food to our grocery stores. 

Once the 7% Carbon Tax starts, effective January 1st, many thousands of Albertans will leave Alberta in 2017. 

With Donald Trump scrapping any US environmental concerns, with Canada sitting at a very low 1.6% CO 2 Emissions, Canada is not only going to lose business investors with the 7% Carbon Tax in Alberta, but with the thousands of Albertans about to move out of Alberta, Alberta's housing market will crash hard. 

Being ProActive, we need as many active Alberta voters as possible to sign this petition to start a Recall Election, before Alberta's economy  plummets further.

As of August 2016, 210,000 Albertans that are unemployed. 

Since Rachel Notley took office 2 years ago, Calgary's unemployment rate is at 10.2% and the Corporate offices downtown Calgary are now 25% empty.   

For all the cigarette smokers, Notley has raised cigarettes 4 times in a year making it very tough for the non rich person to smoke, and smoking is extremely hard to quit. 

Rachel Notley raised minimum wage twice, since she took office and there has been many small companies that had to close their doors for good because they couldn't afford to pay their employers the extra wages. 

Rachel Notley was laughed out of an all male oil conference in September, 2015 in New York, as she doesn't have any big oil experience. 

The Lieutenant Governor of Alberta has the power to start a Recall Election for Rachel Notley to be removed as Premier of Alberta if we can get enough voters to sign this petition. 

Let's save our great Province of Alberta, before she ruins our Province Permanently. 







This petition will be delivered to:
  • Lietenant Govenor of Canada
    David Johnston
  • Lieutenant Governor of Alberta
    Lois Mitchell
  • Wild rose Opposition
    Brian Jean

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