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Release an "open" boot-loader for the Logitech Revue

Logitech recently announced that they would no longer be making the Revue after the current holiday season. After this period the device will receive very little attention and will have a very angry base of original supporters. To help avoid this Logitech should provide a "developer boot-loader" for the Logitech Revue to allow developers to create their own kernels and updates for the device. In its current state the Logitech Revue is completely locked down, making it very difficult for developers to add modifications or fix bugs on the device. There are also already a number of teams creating custom ROMs for Android devices, and unlocking the boot-loader would allow these groups to port current custom ROMs or generate new custom ROMs to the Logitech Revue. With the release of a development boot-loader that allowed such modifications the device would continue to grow and would help un-tarnish the reputation that this device has given Logitech.

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