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Help bring awareness and change the dress code.

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For years, Girls have been dresscoded because they "distract boys" We are more than objects and deserve more. They are just clothes. If boys get distracted by shorts. the problem isn't the girls its the boys. Boys  should be taught not to sexualize these young girls for wearing what they need for the summer. On Wednesday 10,2017 A girl went to school in shorts because she had a sunburn and blisters. Because of her wearing shorts she was sent home in the middle of her finals. The next day, Students decided to go to school breaking the dresscode bringing awareness to the problem girls face everyday. The school immediately put the highschool on lockdown and suspended the kids that participated in the protest. They were also threatened uniforms and preached religion by a subsitute teacher. Although I disagree with how the students dealt with the situation and protested, the schools should have not handled it the way they did. This petition is to bring awareness to the corrupt dress code designed for boys needs. We know it's a rule but sometimes rules need to be changed, just because we are kids doesn't mean we don't deserve a voice. (sorry if my spelling, grammar, or punctuation is bad. I go to a school that cares more about dress codes than education.) 

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