Positive COVID-19 case in Palmdale Ca LOCKHEED MARTIN, PAY employees and SHUT DOWN!

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I am a wife and mother as for many other Lockheed Martin employee’s in Palmdale , California I want to state my concern for the health of all Lockheed Martin employees.

  We are in the midst of a pandemic that has swept across our nation. Schools, libraries,  businesses etc. have begun to shut down for some time. CDC is recommending not to be in areas with more then 10 people. These facilities hold way over that number. Most of their employees can not work from home due to the nature of their jobs. I would hate to see this get out of control due to the company's negligence.

  There are procautions being implemented throughout the United States. We need to recognize that Lockheed Martin employees have families including children and elderly. We need to give them the same right to protect themselves at this time. It is understandable that their role in the company is one of great importance but so is their health. My children will not be attending school for the rest of the school year. We are all jeopardizing our family’s because we are all working in a high risk area everyday and can potentially bring this virus home. Because of the amount of employees and the proximity in which they are working I am concered this can cause a great threat to the community.

  I am aware they have stated the facilities are being cleaned and precautions are being taken. However, they seemed to have undermined the risk they are putting their greatest assets, their employees under. By allowing so many people in the facility at the same time this increases chances for exposure to the Corona Virus.

  I ask that you  help me by signing this petition. I want to allow these workers to feel safe and their families to also have peace of mind.  I stongly believe they should have paid leave for their safety, the safety of their families, and the safety  of our community. We need to think of each other and do the right thing. If you are with me on this please show your concern by signing this petition. Thank you !