Squamish Canyon Project Concerns

Squamish Canyon Project Concerns

March 9, 2020
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Why this petition matters

Started by Philippa Clark

Thank you to all those that showed your support.  The signatures and comments have been submitted to council and added to Public Record within the designated timeframe.  I will keep this petition open to allow additional support to be recorded until a council decision is made - Thank you.


The Squamish Canyon Project is going to Public hearing on March 10th 2020.   As a community we need your support to get our voices heard.

We have until 4pm on March 10th 2020 to submit our opposition and our signatures.

The current proposal for Phase 1 includes an 800m elevated boardwalk, 200m of canyon walkway, ticket booth, public washroom, concession stand, event space, children's play area, small merchandise area and a small stage.

Phase 2 will include the addition of 2 bridges over the canyon with additional boardwalks and lookout platforms.

As a community we are opposed to this development for the following reasons:

- Environmental Impacts - According to the ESA Mapping it has a "high" rating (https://squamish.ca/discover-squamish/maps-and-data/mobile-web-maps/esa-mapping/

- Negative impact on protected species in the local area.

- Highway entry point and leverage of the Mamquam FSR for site access (not suitable for this volume of traffic) - Has alternative been considered and the Mamquam FSR runs along "Critical Habitat" according to the Canadian Wildlife Service.

- Health impacts due to increased dust - No Silica assessment has been shared (that we are aware of)

- Proximity to residential dwellings

- Noise pollution - (Amended following the public hearing) - An "amplified" noise assessment was completed for the site itself (not traffic / road focus)

Please join our community and support our fight to ensure a full impact assessment is completed and that all alternative options are fairly considered.

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Signatures: 3,004Next Goal: 5,000
Support now