Restaurants in Prince George, B.C to begin recycling

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With all British Colombian recycling outsourced to RecycleBC businesses aren't mandated to partake in recycling. Restaurants around Prince George create a huge amount of waste with little ending up in the proper place.

With the support of your signatures we hope to convince restaurants to install bins for customers to use and begin recycling their own waste products.

Prince George's landfills are rising way faster than predicted. Even if all we can do is convince one fast food restaurant to start disposing of waste materials properly and responsibly, we could potentially keep 2 cubic meters of materials out of our landfill per week.
There is no law saying they need to recycle so the only way this will work if we all sign and with the support of a united community persuade them to take responsibility. Many of you have probably or will, at one point, work in a restaurant. That's when you'll see the truly baffling amount of waste produced. As a city and as a community we have to finally say enough is enough, it is 2019, time for them to step up

If we want to get enough signatures on our petition we are counting on you to sign it, to share it, to tell everybody and their dog about it. We can't just rely on restaurants to do the right thing, wouldn't you want to be able to say that your name was on the document that convinced them to?

If we achieve a respectable amount of signatures, tailored proposals will be delivered to as many restaurants and businesses that we can find withholding their participation in recycling. With the help of you, your friends, classmates, coworkers, and families we can show them just how many current and future customers want them to go green.