Save Little Bay

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In September 2019, Meriton Group - under the lead of Harry Triguboff - released its plans to massively increase the Masterplan-approved development capacity of the Little Bay Cove site in Little Bay. Meriton recently applied to Randwick City Council for rezoning of the land and an amendment of the current LEP 2012.

Under its application, Meriton pursues increasing allowable building heights by more than 4x to up to 73m and floor space ratios to 2:1. It also seeks to include hotel accommodation (Randwick City Council, RZ/4/2019).

'Save Little Bay' strongly opposes Meriton's plans. We regard these plans as an atrocious overdevelopment of Little Bay Cove which is not in sync with the tranquil and recreational nature of the local environment which we seek to preserve and protect. Meriton's proposal fundamentally disrespects the current Masterplan which already puts additional strain on the area but at least caters for a relatively sensible development of the site. Hundreds of local residents based their investment decision on this approved Masterplan and current LEP.

We demand that

  • rezoning application RZ/4/2019 to Randwick City Council will be rejected in its entirety, respecting very strong community opposition to the planning proposal;
  • the current, approved Masterplan for Little Bay Cove which permits lower density, low-rise residential development will be protected and enforced without any changes. This includes maintaining maximum building heights and floor space ratios as well as permittable uses as prescribed in the current LEP 2012;
  • planning authorities will not compromise and/or enter any 'meet the developer half way' agreements;
  • already poor traffic conditions in and around the area and the lack of public transport servicing Little Bay will be considered, factoring in that any possible future light rail and/or Metro line projects are at least 10 - 20 years away;
  • utmost regard will be given to any possible environmental impact of the proposed rezoning on the coastal precinct, and the Environmental Conservation Zone in particular, as well as on local heritage and the unique recreational value of Little Bay's natural environment.    

The Meriton proposal is radically inconsistent with State and Local Government planning directions as well as the public interest. Little Bay Cove can reasonably be developed or used under the existing LEP. Rezoning would only cater for the individual interest of a single developer who was fully aware of Little Bay Cove's maximum development potential when it bought the development site in 2017.