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Local residents insist Ealing Council keeps skyscrapers OUT of Acton Central, W3!

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The residents of Acton protest the proposal by Catalyst Housing to build a 20 storey block of flats on Friary Park estate, which lies in the suburban, residential area of Acton Central. 

The proposed high-rise tower is ill-matched and out-of-keeping with Acton's suburban area of semi-detached and Victorian houses. 

We call upon Mr Martin Smith, Chief Executive of Ealing Council to: STOP the proposal for these tower blocks of 20, 14, 10 and 8 storeys.

The proposal by Catalyst: to demolish 224 homes on Friary Park estate and replace them with around 650 dwellings, in over seven tower blocks ranging in height from 6 to 20 storeys, when the tallest building at present is 4 storeys.  We totally reject having these towers foisted upon our area when more cost effective and environmentally friendly options have not been considered. 

Additionally, the increase in population by three-fold will cause a massive strain on local services and amenities, not least local schools, health and GP services. The area has the highest pollution levels in London and overdevelopment will add to the life-threatening dangers such pollution brings.  The Catalyst proposal also includes the move to acquire Friars Green as part of their estate.  Friars Green is common land and much needed in the area. 

This proposal will have a large environmental impact on the area in many ways.  

Catalyst tell residents that this ambitious and unpopular regeneration is the only way to finance the refurbishment of the 240 existing homes.  This proposed "urban" regeneration, 3 times the size of the existing estate, is unwanted, totally unnecessary, completely inappropriate and out of keeping with the suburban residential vicinity.  We believe it is motivated by financial gain, due to the estate's proximity to the new Cross Rail link, yards away.  

Catalyst are calling this 20 storey tower a "landmark" building. Ironically, this will be a landmark decision by Ealing Council if this proposal isn't rejected, because an irrevocable precedent will be set for other developers to build more high-rise in Acton.  This proposal is developer-led and Ealing Council have a duty of care to make sure this proposal is led by the needs of the local suburban area.  

These towers do not serve the needs of the local area and, therefore the residents of Acton Central, W3, protest the urban proposal by Catalyst Housing to build up to 20 storey blocks of flats on Friary Park estate and we urgently call upon Ealing Council to stop the proposal in its current form.

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