We want a dangerous road making safer for all

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7/10/20 - Unfortunately the young girl involved in this RTA has gained her angel wings so please please let’s get this signed & shared like crazy & get something done.  

Due to the serious accident at the junction of Lightbowne Rd/Nuthurst Rd in New Moston today (5/10/20) it is clear from reading people’s comments on Facebook updates/posts & hearing other parents talking that a crossing is needed on the 4 junctions aswell as at the entrance/exit of the park.  The traffic lights don’t even let you get half way across the road before they change onto green again & it is a busy junction especially with school children & traffic.  There are around 5 or 6 schools within this area & to get to them all this junction has to be used.  As parents we hate the thought of our children ever having to cross this road.  There have been numerous bumps, a car over turning after been hit by another running a red light, plus other incidents & all the close calls when children are trying to cross before the lights change.  

We also ask that the road layout at this spot be changed to slow cars down.  There is a temporary chicane in place at the moment which is helping but we feel a permanent fixture would be better with bollards & safety barriers around the crossing area & the crossing area at the entrance/exit of the park.  

This is being petitioned for the safety of everyone in the local area that uses this junction.  Something needs doing!