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Protect leashed dogs from reckless drivers from injury and/or death

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Have you ever witnessed a distracted driver? Have you ever taken your furry friend for a walk and watched a driver veer off of the road only to correct themselves? Could you imagine a world where our dogs are not protected under law from reckless and distracted drivers? Well, that world is our reality. 

On a late August morning, I was walking my two dogs Molly (11 years old) and Lucy (8 years old) on a road we have walked hundreds, if not thousands of times. This day was like any other, the dogs were excited to go on our daily walk as I put their leashes on.

As we were about 10 minutes into our walk, our world's changed forever. I noticed a car starting to cross the white line. As I pulled the dogs further and further away from the side of the road, the car continued.  In a split second, the car missed me by mere inches and struck Molly & Lucy. The unthinkable happened. Molly & Lucy were killed. As I tended to my dying dogs, I proceed to watch the the car drive off without a care in the world for what they had done.

Our pets are more than animals, they are family. They give us comfort, protect us, and most importantly, provide us with unconditional love. These are all things we can agree on. What we have not agreed upon is a way to protect our furry friends.

With nearly 40% of all households in the US owning a dog, we need to take a stand and make legislators aware. Currently, there are not ANY laws holding drivers of motor vehicles accountable for injuring or killing leashed animals via distracted/reckless driving. It is my hope that we can bring awareness to this issue to protect our defenseless companions. Although this will not bring Molly & Lucy back, your signature will help to convince lawmakers that there is support for this bill. 

Thank you!

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