Save Warrnambool's Raglan Parade Moreton Bay Figs

Save Warrnambool's Raglan Parade Moreton Bay Figs

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It's not a death sentence to be a giant old fig next to a footpath on a truck route  - look at how they've done it in the Brisbane CBD:  Eagle St Fig Trees, Brisbane CBD

These two trees are valued at > $1 million in the ground (Bendigo Tree Value Formula ), and have incalculable value to the community and the environment. 

So don't destroy them - spend some of the money you would have wasted - to protect them, the adjacent underground services, and the footpath e.g. install permeable rubber footpath, protective services channel, root barriers and employ root pruning. Also please ensure future overhead pruners are skilled! Increase the right turn arrow at school times, put lane marking arrows in, put a 'road narrows' sign in and a 'highway is two-way' sign in. The trees aren't causing the accidents and you know it - this is about the pipes, the footpath, terrible powerline prune and the poor traffic management and signage. 

These Heritage listed fig trees are beautiful (once they've recovered from the horrible prune they were subjected to recently!), they give Warrnambool a strong sense of place and they are useful (cool, shade, amenity, rainfall, carbon sequestration, critters) - they are one of the best features of our streetscape by a country mile.

Don't trash our assets! We don't want to live in a carpark. The world needs more trees, not less. 

Get creative, and do what you have to do. But save our trees.