Change the date of Australia Day

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January 26 is a day of mourning, survival and invasion. 

If Australia is to be unanimously celebrated it cannot be on January 26.

January 26 is: Segregation, isolation and white supremacy.  

1938 in Sydney, the first Day of mourning was experienced. Since then it has been annually recognised by First Nations Australians across Australia. 

"On this day the white people are rejoicing, but we, as Aborigines, have no reason to rejoice on Australia’s 150th birthday. Our purpose in meeting today is to bring home to the white people of Australia the frightful conditions in which the native Aborigines of this continent live. This land belonged to our forefathers 150 years ago, but today we are pushed further and further into the background." - Uncle Jack Patten

It wasn't until 1994 that Australia decided to unanimously celebrate January 26 as Australia day. 

For white people, this holiday represented a public holiday to gather and celebrate. But with a dark history of stolen generation and stolen land, this date is a reflection only of white supremacy, with no intention to unite. 

We urge you to change the date, not the day. 

We all want to celebrate Australia. 

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