Ban Fishing on Middleton Park Leeds due to Injured Wildlife

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I am appealing for a Ban on Fishing at Middleton Park In Leeds, either this be permanent or temporary.

The Pond currently has a number of baby cygnets and other wildlife and there have been a number of occasions in the last few weeks where the Swans and Cygents have been injured due to being caught in Fishing Wire.

There are too many fishing with long lines in such a small pond. Also, there are many who are irresponsible, leaving lines unattended and discarding them in the lake. The amount of lines mean the swans, cygnets and other wildlife on the pond have no where to go and are constantly getting tangled in the wire

There was an incident where the Mother and Baby were tangled together, which almost resulted in the death of one of the Cygents. Lucky it survived but suffered a badly damaged beak and had to be rescued from the family. 

I would love to see a ban on fishing, even if this is while the wildlife are nesting or are on the pond. 

We need to make sure that we can protect the wildlife so all can enjoy.