Save the Hertford Corn Exchange

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my husband and I have been running the Hertford Corn Exchange for 15 years. It has provided a vital service to the local community and an income (eventually) to our young family. We are firstly a grass roots music venue providing a stage for local and national emerging musicians as well as comedians, actors, artists and anyone who needs a stage. But we also bring in the iconic acts who enable our older audiences to relive their youth. We are also a community hub; we raise hundreds of thousands of pounds for charity, are a drop in centre for the homeless, a respite centre for young carers,  provide music and art therapy workshops, train youngsters in all aspects of the music industry. This is just a tiny amount if the importance of our venue. 

The landlord wants us out-to rent the building to a wealthy business or to turn into flats-were not sure. But he has no reason for his decision. This will put a family out of work and be a devastating loss to the community as we are the only leisure facility in the area.  He has shut the door on our offers for future rent which has increased by 100% but we would still work hard to meet these demands. We have reached a brick wall and now need him to listen