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Mitigation of local and state ordinances and bans against the use of drones

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Local and state ordinances, restrictions and bans have all but prohibited the use of unmanned drones in parks, local preserves, open space areas and other natural settings. The default stance of most, if not all administrative agencies that oversee public park lands, preserves and open space areas is to ban drones, for no apparent reason other then generally not liking them.

These inconsistent and discriminatory regulations make as much sense as banning cars, cameras and people in general. If the various services wanted to ban public use of the lands they are entrusted to preserve, imaging the outcry that would result. Yet banning access to a specific set of devices designed to capture the imagery of these lands is somehow tolerated.

I think it important to remember, it’s our taxes that pay the salaries of these folks. We are not asking a favor to be allowed to access our communal property. We are not requesting some sort of special accommodation to be able to film the national treasures we all hold in trust and pay to maintain. By what right do any of these agencies take away our access, the public’s access, to which they are chartered solely to protect.

I am asking that the industry, hobbyists, and anyone interested in preserving the right of public access to public lands and parks to start pushing back on the plethora of bans and restrictions, before we all lose yet another basic right, the right to access the public lands we hold in trust, pay for and that have been set aside for our use. That is why these parks and exist, for the good of the public, except apparently, those of us that happen to want to film it using a drone camera.

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