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Construction of Animal Shelter for Stray Cats and Dogs in General Santos City

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Almost every street in the Philippines is lined with stray dogs and cats. These stray animals are once family pets who got abandoned for the reason that their owners could no longer take care of them. Some of them come and go to their home as they please and roam the streets when they want. Animals living like this lack the proper care they deserve. Due to their situation, they may cause problems such as spreading rabies or people might abuse and kill them. These circumstances can be observed all throughout the country, especially in General Santos City, where there is no organization doing a task in helping the strays.

People see stray animals on the streets, they feel sorry, but they do nothing to help them. Strays are caused by irresponsible pet ownership. A typical type of stray is a result of unwanted pets who are dumped in the streets. These stray animals mate with other strays and give birth to more unwanted dogs and cats then the cycle continues. In this cycle comes the importance of animal shelters. Animal shelters play an important role in the society because they rescue stray animals before they hurt themselves, hurt others, or never find their homes. They also provide health for sick and wounded animals.

Our group, Furry Tails, wish to solve this problem by building an animal shelter in General Santos City. The first step our group would take for this project is to raise awareness on the issue to the locals by creating online sources. By using social media, we believe that spreading information to raise their awareness would be the fastest. Aside from creating an online petition here at to help us with our goals, we will also put up a blog to further discuss the issue and to let the readers know more about our goals. 

Furry Tails aims to provide education, information, and assistance for people in the communities. We will provide education and information about the rights of animals and the importance of taking good care of them and provide assistance by giving necessary help to the owners regarding their pets' needs or problems. Our project needs the support of people who are willing to take on such responsibility because this task cannot be done by one group only. By supporting our project, we can lessen the cruelty and neglect to the stray animals.

Furry Tails is working together with Philippine Animal Welfare Society (PAWS), which have the same goal as we do: preventing cruelty, alleviating pain, fear and suffering in animals and to promote a society based on humane principles.

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