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Local Business Owner Fatally Shoots Dog

Dick is claiming self defense against the dog he shot, however the dog was carrying a tennis ball at the time of the shooting, and he would not be in attack mode while playing. Dick also claims the dog has been aggressive with him since 2 summers ago, when the dog "Coal" was only 1.5 years old at the time of the shooing. Dick was carrying a handgun with him, while operating a vehicle, in a NO conceal and carry state. He is repeatedly breaking the law, and has admitted to the crime, the authorities need to take action, there must be a punishment for what has been done to Coal. Dick Panozzo is a local business owner, of Country Fruit Market, and Dick's Asphalt, do not patron these businesses to also let him know, we the community will not stand for this.

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  • Kankakee County Sheriff's Department.

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