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Petitioning Galen G. Weston Loblaw Companies Ltd.

Loblaws Grocery Store Chains: Enforce Labelling of GMO foods, like Whole Foods is doing.

Loblaw Companies Ltd. include Extra Foods, No Frills, Superstore, T&T, Wholesale Club, Loblaws, Zehrs, Independent, Fortinos, Valu-Mart, Provigo, Maxi and Save Easy.  As the largest retailer of groceries in Canada, Loblaw Companies Ltd. has a significant amount of power over food suppliers. 

Recently, Whole Foods announced that their American and Canadian stores would phase in mandatory GMO labelling by 2018.

If Loblaw Companies Ltd. were to follow Whole Foods' lead, and enforce mandatory labelling of GMO food products through all their food store chains, it would allow the majority of Canadians to actually make a choice as to whether they want to buy GMO foods or not. While this isn't a replacement for mandatory labelling laws, it would be a major step towards giving Canadians choice.


GMO food definition from Wikipedia:

Genetically modified foods (GM foods, or biotech foods) are foods derived from genetically modified organisms (GMOs), specifically, genetically modified crops. GMOs have had specific changes introduced into their DNA by genetic engineering techniques. 

Letter to
Galen G. Weston Loblaw Companies Ltd.
Dear Mr. Weston,

Recently, your competitor Whole Foods announced that they would be implementing mandatory labelling of all GMO foods sold in their food stores by 2018.

As a long-time customer of Loblaw grocery store chains, I would like to encourage you to follow suit with your competitor and also introduce mandatory labelling of GMO food products for the simple reason that I, like millions of other Canadian consumers, would like to have a choice as to whether or not I buy a product that contains GMO foods. As it stands now, we have no guarantees.

As the largest retailer of food products in Canada, I believe you have a responsibility to allow your customers to make informed choices about what foods they buy. You've already starting doing this in part with your nutritional star system: congrats!

Taking the next step to implement mandatory GMO labelling will give me the ability to make an informed choice, and show true leadership not just in Canada, but in a world that is increasingly regulating GMO food production.

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