Loblaw Companies Inc: Provide sustainable food packaging before Earth chokes on plastic!

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Plastic is choking the planet Earth.  As global citizens, the time has come for us to do something about it. 40% of plastic in Canada is generated for packaging - much of that for the food we eat. 

CBC's "Marketplace" recently broadcast an episode devoted to plastic food packaging, and the fact that supermarkets are not offering consumers a choice when it comes to what their fruits, vegetables and other foods are packed in.  THERE IS ANOTHER WAY.  The show profiled a supermarket in London, England called "Iceland Foods" which recently went plastic-free in 10 weeks.  The owner suggested that the big chains could do it, too... but that it's up to consumers to put the pressure on them. 

Sarah R. Davis is the President of Loblaw Companies Inc. in Canada.  Ms. Davis, we hereby ask that you request your suppliers to immediately begin using environmentally friendly plant-based food packaging made from things like plant cellulose and bamboo, etc. WE WILL NOT BUY FOODS PACKAGED IN PLASTIC ANYMORE.  The time for change has come, and you have the power to be an agent of change.  Please don't let the planet down.  Please don't let Canadian consumers down.