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Don’t block strong gun laws – ban the Adler shotgun!

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Australia has some of the most efficient and effective gun control legislation in the world. In fact, since the Howard Government introduced important reforms following the tragic Port Arthur massacre, the risk of dying by firearm in Australia has declined by 50%.

Strong gun laws are critical to keep people safe. Unfortunately, our laws are under threat from the LNP.

Following the Martin Place siege, the federal government introduced a temporary import ban on the Adler lever-action shotgun. In December 2016, COAG reached an agreement to reclassify and restrict access to the Adler guns. However, this is dependent on each state and territory passing their own legislation.

But the LNP in Queensland has recently launched a campaign against these important restrictions. Despite being capable of firing eight rounds in eight seconds, if the LNP get their way, the Adler would remain in the least restrictive category of gun ownership.

Not reclassifying the Adler would weaken our gun laws and make our communities less safe. That’s why we need your help!

Queensland has a hung parliament, which means the LNP could block the reclassification of the Adler shotgun, just like they blocked stronger anti-tree clearing laws – and this time they even have a One Nation MP to team up with.

We know that the LNP and the gun lobby will throw everything behind their campaign to stop these laws. That’s why we need your help – we need people power to tell the LNP and the crossbench that we don’t want these guns on our streets.

I need you to join our campaign to keep Queensland’s gun laws strong.

Sign the petition, share it with your friends and join the campaign to help us spread the message that Queenslanders won’t stand for attacks on our strong gun laws.

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