Lloyds of London: Stop providing insurance to gun shows in the USA

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Parents and children across the U.S are unable to shake off the memories of Columbine, Sandy Hook and now Florida. These are some of the many consequences of disturbed, angry young men having ready access to military grade weapons.  

Lockdown drills and fear of shootings have become the backdrop to school life for a whole generation. It should not be like this. 

In many states you can walk into a gun show and purchase a semi-automatic rifle with no background check whatsoever - even before before you are old enough to buy a drink in a bar.

Gun shows can only take place if they have public liability insurance in place. So I was shocked to learn that a British company, Lloyds of London are the favoured insurance underwriters of gun shows across the USA and are even recommended by the National Rifle Association.

As part of an Anglo-American family living in London watching these massacres unfold, I’m calling on Lloyds of London to withdraw from these gun shows and to stop all involvement in gun sales which do not include thorough background checks.

Gun control is a wider issue. And although, gun shows are legal, they are the least regulated corner of the firearms market because there is no Federal requirement for background checks when one person sells a gun to another as a private sale. This is known as the “gun show loophole” and I believe that many responsible, law abiding gun owners would welcome a tightening of these rules. 

Lloyds of London has history going back to 1663, but they’ve 'got it wrong' before - such as insuring the slave trade - and they are wrong to underwrite the under-regulated and harmful trade in firearms via gun shows.

Please sign this petition and stop this British company causing terrible harm across the USA.