Livingston Parish Fair: Please Stop Giving Away Live Animals as Prizes

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To the organizers of the Livingston Parish Fair,

We, the undersigned, oppose giving away animals as prizes at the Livingston Parish Fair.  Hundreds of animals, including iguanas, rabbits, turtles, ducks, and pot-bellied pigs are expected to be given away this year and all of them face grave dangers, from youngsters not knowing how to care for them, to adults not interested in keeping them.  Often these wonderful creatures are dropped off in open fields, city parks, or dumped at already overcrowded local shelters. Some animals won as prizes, due to the added expense of buying cages, feed, equipment, and supplies, are simply neglected and have died from neglect. These animals deserve a better chance at survival than what is afforded them as a disposable prize.  We urge you, therefore, to replace live animals with toys and stuffed animals -- thus saving lives of hundreds of animals and reducing suffering and pain. Until that decision is made, however, we will not attend this year's fair and encourage others to do the same.