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Petitioning Kentucky Governor and 5 others

Livingston County, Kentucky: Stop breed specific legislation

It is discriminatory against certain breeds and creates an undue burden on owners as well as the county. Breed specific legislation is also responsible for the surrender and destruction of innocent animals.

Letter to
Kentucky Governor
Judge Executive Chris Lasher
County Magistrate District #1 Terry Stringer
and 3 others
County Magistrate District #2 Franklin Walker
County Magistrate District #3 Jimmy "Brent" Ferrell
County Magistrate District #4 Marvin Buford
We need to stop breed specific legislation.
BSL bans or restricts dogs based solely on their appearance due to the idea that these dogs are dangerous. BSL does not take into account the actions, behavior, or history of the dog, it only considers the physical appearance of the dog.
-BSL is not only unfair and unethical, it is also ineffective. BSL fails to increase public safety because it does not address the real issue of owner irresponsibility.
-One of the most obvious flaws of BSL is that it requires dogs to be identified by breed based on appearance, which is impossible to do accurately or objectively.
-BSL invariably punishes responsible dog owners, as they are the ones most likely to comply with the law.
-Every single canine welfare organization is against breed specific legislation.
- BSL is very costly for the county which could increase taxes on residents.
- It creates a large number of surrendered animals that must be sheltered, cared for, or euthanized.
- And most important, innocent animals are destroyed for no reason.