Lives at Risk Scottish Ambulance ask first confirm your phone number already on screen.

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We want Scottish Ambulance Service to change the order of the questions asked when calling 999. Do you know they firstly ask for the caller to confirm the telephone number although it is already on the display screen before asking the Location of the person needing emergency assistance.  Location MUST be the first question to be asked.

We found out the process after our brother Ronald Russell died in hospital on 5th July 2017 due to a stroke and lack of oxygen to his brain.  This was after a neighbour found him at home unconscious and called 999 around 11am on the 5th July. Whilst arranging Ronald’s funeral and checking his phone we found that Ronald had phoned  Scottish Ambulance 999 at 17.44pm on the 4th July 2017. On raising this with Scottish Ambulance and obtaining the call transcript for Ronald’s call we were devastated to learn that an Ambulance or Paramedic was not sent to Ronald’s home. Ronald was not able to confirm his number and as he went to get it, as it was written down he collapsed moaning and groaning.  Turns out the procedure of 999 calls with no location is to attempt 3 times to call the number on the display screen and if no one answers it is marked as a Silent Call.  Ronald’s call was Not Silient, he needed Urgent emergency attention.  Ronald had laying for 17 hours before Emergency Services arrived. Scottish Ambulance failed him and left our parents and his four siblings, nieces and nephews devastated at his loss.  Scottish Ambulance Chief Executive Pauline Howie response is to apologise for the poor service.   They say the process of questions asked on 999 calls is a international standard for Ambulance Service. This is not the case. We have checked with a number of other Ambulance Services within the UK and they All confirm they ask for Location, then telephone number and what is the cause of the emergency.  All we want is for Scottish Ambulance to do the same. 

We do not want any other family to experience such a tragedy and suffer the loss of someone close. Please sign and help make the appropriate authority do this simple but effective change. Thank you.





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