Remove MAWA Man from the Virus Vanguard campaign

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‘You’ll Never Walk Alone’ is a song that was collectively used by most European radio stations as a show of solidarity amidst the Covid-19 lockdowns.

Yet this campaign appears to be an attempt to make a mockery of the song. This is distasteful and extremely disrespectful.

In a period when the global community should be showing care and concern for each other, it is baffling that one of the character in this campaign named MAWA Man ‘happens to hate Liverpool, and his hate for the club is so intense that it manifested as a special telekinetic power to push objects and people through his eyes’.

‘You’ll Never Walk Alone’ also happens to be the official anthem of Liverpool FC. The Liverpool supporters in Singapore unanimously condemn the character MAWA Man and request for it to be withdrawn from this campaign.