Stop the sale of live animals at Listers Fisheries

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The animals being sold here are kept in upsetting and disgusting conditions. Fish are left floating after dying. Rats and small furries are being kept in tiny cages stacked on top of each other in a very small stuffy room with hardly any room to run around. The cages have wired flooring which can cause them to break their feet, the water bottles look like they haven't been changed for days as they’re full of dirty green water and algae. They’ve also been given unsuitable bedding sawdust known for causing respiratory infections and even death in rats. One rat was sat with its fur puffed up which can often mean the rat is sick or in pain and stressed. Staff clearly arent educated on the animals being sold here.  Animals deserve better this shop clearly doesn't care for animal welfare at all and it needs shutting down. No animal deserves to be kept in such disgusting conditions.