Say no to Hooters Liverpool

Say no to Hooters Liverpool

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Liverpool City Council

Why this petition matters

Hooters UK are applying for a licencing application in Water St to run a Restaurant Sports bar. The application open to the public is scheduled to be heard on 15th February 2022.  

Hooters is an archaic and chauvinistic brand and this kind type of venue is no longer reflective of today's society.  

Hooters employs women to promote its business activities in an exploitative manner,  It demeans and degrades women and  undermines female equality.

We believe it will attract interest from a narrow unwanted  demographic and will cause increased anti-social behaviour.

We have the support of our Mayor, Police Commissioner  MPs and local residents and  we hope we can rely on yours.Please show your solidarity by signing our petition.





667 have signed. Let’s get to 1,000!