Save Liverpool Animal Shelter....AGAIN!

Save Liverpool Animal Shelter....AGAIN!

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--- PETITION UPDATE: 3 JULY 2020 -----

We have been forced to start up our fight against the closure of the Liverpool Animal Shelter...again.

The Liverpool Animal Shelter is set to close on 19 July.

We do not know what has happened. We have been given no information as to why Liverpool Council has gone against all the directions and way forward as agreed at the March 2020 Council meeting.

The Council meeting held in March 2020 agreed that the Liverpool Animal Shelter would remain at the existing premises (lease was approved!) until a permanent home was found within the Local Government area.

Thanks to a few concerned residents who raised the alarm about the imminent closure of the Animal Shelter, a Facebook post from Liverpool Council on July 2 confirmed that it has an "interim" agreement with Rossmore Vet/pound to undertake 'animal services' from July 20. This vet/pound already services Canterbury/Bankstown and Camden Council and operates a 'low euthanise' policy. Liverpool Council has stated it is still looking for a permanent home for the Animal Shelter and these decisions were made at a Council meeting held in May. However, no one is allowed to talk about what happened in May that resulted in all these changes because it's all "confidential".

So, we are left with re-starting our campaign to save the Liverpool Animal Shelter and ensue that it remains at the existing premises and with current staff. 

Please help by signing and sharing this petition far and wide. Share with your friends and family. Share on local community pages and Lost/Found pet pages. Share everywhere!

We need to remind Liverpool Council that secrecy relating to the closure of the Liverpool Animal Shelter is unacceptable (eg. Residents have yet to be informed about the latest decision). This latest action by Council to get rid of the Animal Shelter for good has not gone unnoticed.

Our animals don't have a voice, we are their voice so please help by sharing this petition...again!

------- ORIGINAL PETITION IS BELOW -------------- (created Feb/March 2020)

Liverpool Council has now just announced that they are closing the "no-kill" Liverpool Animal Shelter on March 19. That's right - it is closing and noone locally knew about it let alone was consulted about it. Instead all animals will now go to Blacktown Holding Facility which is not a "no-kill" shelter....26km's away...
Instead of relocating locally Liverpool council have agreed to a 5 year deal with Blacktown council to use the $27 million "state-of-the-art animal rehoming centre" being built in 2022. This new facility will only be able to house 135 dogs and 230 cats and is claimed to become a "No Kill Shelter" for 7 Sydney councils.

What does this mean for the animals in Liverpool?
Whilst the council are trying to assure us this will be a "No Kill Shelter"
How many dogs will be put to sleep for being "aggressive" or "non rehomeable" to bring the facilities numbers down at busy periods?
How many animals will just disappear off the radar?
How many animals will have to suffer before the council listens? 

In the meantime until the new facility is built our local animals will be crammed into the existing Blacktown animal holding facility which currently houses 72 dogs and 50 cats. There is not enough room for the existing councils let alone a big council like Liverpool.

The Liverpool Animal Shelter has helped hundreds of animals since 2016 either through rehoming, adoption or reuniting lost pets. Our animals will suffer if we don't stop this closure.

We must fight to get the shelter relocated to somewhere permanent in the LGA. Please show your support in helping to stop the closure of the Liverpool Animal Shelter by signing this petition and sharing with your network.

Our animals don't have a voice, we are their voice!